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Unlock the Secrets to Navy SEAL Fitness

Do you want to raise the bar in your fitness goals? Have you always wondered what kind of fitness is required in the Navy SEAL fitness program? Well, you are about to see a glimpse of what is required of Navy SEAL fitness, and what you must be capable of just to be considered for the BUDS program. If you want to see what it takes just to get a chance to even try out to become a Navy SEAL, then I am inviting you to do so here today. However, ensure that you consult your physician before undertaking any major changes in your exercise routines to ensure that you are ready to take on elevated levels of physical activity. Also, you will want to practice each and every piece of this training program individually until you can do them successfully by themselves before you are ready for your entrance exam.

Are you ready to get wet? Okay ladies and gentleman, you didn’t think that you could try to hand with Navy SEAL fitness without getting wet did you? The Navy SEAL fitness program teaches team members to be just as at home in the water as they are on land. In fact, they learn to utilize the water to their advantage in every possible way that it can be used. However, for your Navy SEAL fitness program, we are going to simply focused on what you need to know for the entrance exam.

For your Navy SEAL fitness exam, you need to swim. The first phase of the Navy SEAL fitness entrance exam is the swim. You must complete a 500 meter swim within twelve minutes and thirty seconds. However, you must do so using one of the two approved survival strokes, the breast stroke, or the side stroke. This is not as easy as it sounds, and many students who thought themselves to be in pristine physical condition have failed on the very first phase of the Navy SEAL fitness examination.

For your Navy SEAL fitness exam, you need to be able to perform after the swim. After a ten minute rest period, the second phase of the Navy SEAL fitness examination begins. You must be able to perform at least 42 pushups within a two minute timeframe. It is good if you can do more than that within the two minutes, but I would recommend that you conserve your energy. After a two minute rest, you must perform 50 sit-ups within a two minute period. Again, for your Navy SEAL fitness exam, do only what is required. Following another two minute resting period, you are then required to perform at least 6 pull-ups. There is no time limit, but you must fully extend to the down position at each repetition. This concludes the second phase of the Navy SEAL fitness examination.

After all of this, for your Navy SEAL fitness exam, you need to be able to run. Not only do you have to run, but you are required to run in your boots, while wearing camouflage pants. You must run a mile and a half in under eleven minutes and thirty seconds. During this phase of the Navy SEAL fitness exam, many people have dropped out. However, if you are determined to finish your Navy SEAL fitness exam, you will be able to do so. Some people have made the mistake of eating certain foods before the beginning of the exam, and end up “decorating” the grass along the track or field that they were running at. In fact, I was able to successfully complete the Navy SEAL fitness exam after doing just that. I was determined to finish, just as you should be, and pushed myself to do so.

The Navy SEAL fitness exam is not for the faint of heart. There will most likely be a great deal of training on your part just to prepare yourself to take the exam. Very few people can simply take the Navy SEAL fitness exam and pass it without training. So, ensure that you train for each piece of the exam and pass them individually before you attempt them in conjunction with one another. I will also be offering some training guidance that will help prepare you for the Navy SEAL fitness exam on my website listed below. Through my free membership program, I will give you the fitness tuning information to help you to take, and pass, your Navy SEAL fitness exam!

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